I have been coming to St Luke’s Table for twenty years my favourite activities are karaoke and bingo. This place means a lot to me, because it provides a safe environment and a place I can meet friends. I live in an environment where drugs and crime occur and I feel safer at St Luke’s than I do at home. I eat most of my meals here because I have limited funds to spend on food. I am appreciative of the services that St Luke’s Table provides. Jim



St. Luke's helped me at the most difficult time of my life. Rather than go stir-crazy at home and fighting anxiety and depression, I began going to St. Luke's Table for lunch. Gradually I began volunteering daily. I wash trays after clients clear their dishes. Robert



The chance to be around other people, an opportunity to help others in similar or even worse circumstances, helped me deal with stress and keep a proper perspective. St. Luke's Table has helped me with food, companionship, moral support and were able to refer me to social agencies around Ottawa for various services. Samantha



I am still volunteering daily at St. Luke's after15 months steady. Were it not for that I would probably spend more time alone at home, staring at the four walls. Thanks very much the staff of St. Luke's for all your help. Sarah



I appreciate what St Luke’s Table does for me, it’s not just a place for a bite to eat. It’s also a place to meet new people. I am a former veteran that lives alone and St Luke’s offers me companionship especially around the holidays. May god bless the staff of St Luke’s Table for all of their effort and hard work. Thank you from the bottom of my soul for feeding me and entertaining my loneliness. Raymond



St Luke’s Table gives me a sense of purpose, I have been volunteering for two years. My life has become more meaningful by socializing with other participants and staff. It is nice to go somewhere where everyone knows your name and is happy to see me, as I am happy to see them. Mike



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